Move The Lymphatics With Castor Oil Packs

Move The Lymphatics With Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil has been used for centuries for its therapeutic properties, and one of its most effective applications is in the form of a castor oil pack. This method has been found to have a number of benefits for the lymphatic system, including reducing inflammation and promoting lymphatic circulation.

According to a study published in the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, castor oil packs can help to stimulate the lymphatic system by increasing the flow of lymphatic fluids throughout the body. This, in turn, can help to reduce inflammation and improve overall immune function.

Creating a castor oil pack at home is simple and can be done with just a few ingredients:

  1. Castor oil
  2. Flannel or cotton cloth
  3. Plastic wrap
  4. Heating pad or hot water bottle

To make a castor oil pack:

    1. Place the flannel or cotton cloth in a bowl and saturate it with castor oil.
    2. Place the cloth over the affected area, such as the abdomen or other areas where lymph nodes are present.
    3. Place the heating pad or hot water bottle over the flannel or cotton cloth and let sit for 30-60 minutes.

It is important to note that castor oil should not be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, and individuals with digestive disorders or liver disease should consult with a healthcare professional before use.

Overall, the evidence suggests that castor oil packs can have significant benefits for the lymphatic system, promoting improved circulation and immune function. By creating a castor oil pack at home, you can take advantage of this natural remedy and experience its benefits firsthand.


We highly recommend that you consult your medical doctor or healthcare provider before using any herbs or herbal supplements. Pregnant or nursing mothers, individuals under 18, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a physician before use.